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It’s time to improve your outdoor living experience with the classy and heavy-duty Balcony Furniture by Customized Furniture Dubai. Explore our latest varieties today!

Balcony Patio Sofa with Table
Balcony Hanging Chair and Table

Design Luxurious & Useful Balcony Decors With Us

Our modern balcony furniture Dubai will make all your balconies and terraces ideally inviting, comfortable, and beneficial to spend quality time.

Outdoor Balcony Chairs

These lightweight yet heavy-duty wooden chairs will offer you the best lounging experience year-round.

Outdoor Dining Sets

We provide both small and large dining sets for outdoors with plenty of luxurious styles.

Sofas And Tables

Enjoy outdoor seating & entertainment with our plush sofas and space-efficient coffee/ end tables.

Material Options We Provide For Balcony Furniture

Aluminum (1)


Lightweight, sturdy, eco-friendly, rust-resistant, and highly affordable, best for furnishing.


Teak Wood

Moisture-resistant, durable, pest-resistant, rot-resistant, and highly luxurious for timeless.beautification



Waterproof, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and versatile for every need.


Wrought Iron

Heavy-duty, long-lasting, comfortable, and perfect for commercial use as well.

Styling & Accessorizing We Provide For Balcony Furniture Dubai

With us, you can enjoy the balcony decor that you’ve ever wished to acquire. We not only provide the best quality outdoor furniture but also endless aesthetic possibilities.

  • We offer luxurious natural and synthetic upholstering fabrics for every item like Acrylic, Polyester, etc.
  • You can get additional padding, webbing, and fabrication to enhance the comfort of seating items.
  • We also provide cushions, pillows, bean bags, and various styling jobs like tufting or buttoning.
  • Our team considers your balcony design and theme to craft furniture upholstery color, texture, pattern, and style.
  • At Customized Furniture Dubai, we provide every modern, vintage, and traditionally designed sofa and chair.
Decorative Balcony Furniture

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Balcony Corner Bench

How Does Our Outdoor Furniture Set Comfort You?

Our furnishing, dining, storage, and ornamentation items for balconies and terraces will make outdoor living the most delightful for you.

We design these pieces with weather-resistant materials, finishes, and treatments, ensuring long-lasting comfort and cost-effectivity for you. Other than pre-made options, you can also get custom balcony furniture from us at highly affordable price ranges.

Major Benefits 

100% weather-resistant for year-round functionality.

UV-proof and non-heating finishes, stains, and coverings.

Stain and impact-resistant frames for easy maintenance.

Highly ergonomic designs for maximum posture support.

Unique storage, convertibility, and modular features.

Small Apartment Balcony Furniture

Why Choose Us?

Customized Furniture Dubai stocks the most innovative and long-term favorable furnishing items for both residential and commercial balconies. Our balcony furniture Dubai will offer you endless health benefits.

Balcony Furniture

Free Samples

You can request for both framing and upholstering materials to conduct quality checks and design compatibility.


Complete Servicing

We offer fast and affordable delivery of balcony furniture in Dubai and you can get assembling services too.

Highlights Of Our Excellence




Projects Completed


Projects Completed

Happy Clients


Happy Clients

Our Modern Furniture Collections For Balcony

Stylish Balcony Furniture
Quality Furniture for Balcony
Outdoor Rattan Sofa
Balcony Outdoor Furniture
Balcony Furniture

Some More Evidence Of Our Excellence

Here’s a brief example of how our furnishing products and services stand out among others.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

In terms of materials, the best options are wrought iron, aluminum, teak wood, and resin. As for design and profile, the furniture should be space-efficient, comfortable, ergonomic, and easy to clean. Try investing in multipurpose or modular items to get several benefits and more comfort.

This furniture can be left outside but the best approach is to have it covered properly, especially when the weather is intense. You can use slipcovers or external shades for this purpose or simply bring the furniture indoors. Doing so will protect their finishing and retain their beauty.

The most eco-friendly furnishing material for a balcony is aluminum. That’s because most of the time, aluminum furniture is made out of recycled materials and it can be recycled endlessly itself as well. Moreover, bamboo, recycled plastic, and reclaimed wood furniture are also eco-friendly.

Teak wood furniture can last up to 25 years and more. Aluminum furniture has a usual lifespan of 15 years. Furniture made from Wicker or Rattan will last for 10 to 15 years. Whereas cast iron items can be serviceable for up to 30 years. Plastic resin furnishing lasts around 10 to 15 years.

Yes, we offer custom furniture designing services for balconies. From framing materials to final finishing, you can decide on every aspect of this furnishing. Besides, you can get the addition of various valuable features like extra storage or convertibility options by consulting our experts.

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