Choosing The Perfect Wooden Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

A wooden bed is a versatile and classic furniture item that plays a vital role in the functionality and decor of a space. Its purpose is to provide a solid and secure frame for mattresses and bedding to ensure a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Timber cot offers timeless aesthetics and durability to your bedroom depending on the design and wood that you choose. Following are some helpful tips and tricks that will help you in choosing the perfect wooden bed.

How To Choose A Wooden Bed | Precise Buying Guide

How To Choose A Wooden Bed

When thinking of buying a wooden bed for your bedroom, guest or kids room, keep in mind your need and preference, the overall decor of the space, and the functionality of the bed.

Think About the Interior Of The Bedroom

Think About the Interior Of The Bedroom

While choosing the perfect bedroom furniture, follow the entire theme of your room, whether it is a modern, traditional, or minimalist room decor. Opt for a cohesive color palette from the broad range of patterns and textures.

Measure Your Space

Measure Your Space

The foremost aspect to contemplate is to be aware of the space to place the bed. Measure all the dimensions of the bedroom to ensure the bed fits perfectly. Make notes, if there are any obstacles present such as windows and existing furniture.

Determine The Size Of Bed

Determine The Size Of Bed

Select a bed size according to your available space, needs, and preferences. It is more preferable to choose a solid wood bed as per the number of people using it. Common sizes are

  • Single Bed
  • Double Bed
  • Twin Bed
  • King Size Bed

Choose A Style For Bed

Choose A Style For Bed

Opt for the most suitable style that suits the entire decor of your area. Consider your lifestyle, and the level of comfort and functionality provided by the bed. There is a wide range of hardwood bed designs available in the market such as:

  • Platform

A platform is a simple bed design with a low profile. In this bedding style, the mattress always sits on a direct solid platform without the need for box springs.

  • Sleigh

Consists of curved or scrolled footboard and wood headboard that make it a classic choice for your themed bedroom

  • Canopy

It has four tall posts at each corner that are used to hang curtains that provide it with a luxurious and traditional look.

  • Four-poster

They look similar to a canopy bed and have four tall posts at four corners without a canopy frame. They can offer both contemporary and traditional looks.

  • Panel Bed

These beds have panels on the headboard and footboard that can be raised or flat and can be decorated with textures as well.

  • Bunk Bed

This consists of two or three beds, joined together. Mostly preferred for kids or shared bedrooms and helps save space.

Wood Type

Wood Type

The durability of a wooden product depends on the type of wood used in it. So it’s important to select high quality wood to have long-lasting and ever-green bedding. All wood types have different characteristics in terms of longevity, performance, grain pattern, and color. These are some wood species that can be chosen for bed frames.

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Pine



Fine and expert finishings can add durability and beauty to an item. Always prefer finishings according to the type of wood you selected. Some common options include:

  • Natural Finishes
  • Stains
  • Paint Finishes

Selection Of Headboard And Footboard Designs

Selection Of Headboard And Footboard Designs

Panel, slated, and bookcase headboards are some general designs that can be chosen as per preferences and needs.

  • Panel Headboard features raised panels for a traditional look.
  • Vertical and horizontal slats are preferred for a wider design.
  • The bookcase headboard includes shelves to organize books or decoration pieces.

Expert Construction

Expert Construction

A well-crafted bed is more long-lasting and has smooth finishes and robust joints. Select a professional custom upholstery to customize a bed or prefer a well-known furniture supplier to shop for ready-made ones.


Keep in mind the budget that you have set for the bed. Compare various choices in order to settle for cost-effective option(s).

Read Reviews

You must read customers’ reviews of your chosen brand in order to be informed regarding other buyers’ experience. It will help you to buy without any confusion.

Prefer Beds With Storage

Perfect Beds with Storage

Storage drawers and adjustable mattress height are very helpful. Make sure you choose a bed that best aligns with all your needs.

Consider Multiple options

It is important to consider numerous choices and then opt for the one that best meets your criteria and fits within your budget.

To Wrap Up

A wooden frame bed has always been a preferred choice due to its longevity. Furthermore, it is nontoxic to health and a bad conductor of heat that helps it to remain cool during hot summer conditions. With that said, it’s important for choosing the perfect wooden bed so as to make the most out of it. So if you want to get all the advantages of a wooden bed, then you should consider the aforementioned instructions.

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