How To Judge Quality In Custom-Made Furniture; Explain

Custom-made furniture is in high demand these days because everyone wants to furnish his home or office interior in a personalized way. Exploring the best quality custom-made furniture requires proper skills and knowledge about multiple elements. In this article, Customized Furniture Dubai has highlighted some technical ways to judge the quality of custom-made furniture. By considering our guide, you can get an easy approach to judging personalized furniture quality.

Considerations To Judge Custom-Made Furniture Quality | Exclusive Guide

Custom-Made Furniture Quality

Before buying any custom furniture, we need to judge its quality by analyzing multiple factors. We should analyze the strength, materials, craftsmanship, weight, fabric or cushioning quality, and price/quality. By keeping all these considerations, you can surely get a perfect and high-quality custom furniture item.

  1. Analyze The Strength
  2. Inspect The Materials
  3. Judge The Construction
  4. Consider The Weight
  5. Check Cushioning
  6. Analyze Fabric Quality
  7. Review Tag Instructions
  8. Machine/ Hand-Made
  9. Price/Quality Analysis

Analyze The Strength

Analyze The Strength

The first factor to judge while finalizing the custom furniture is its strength which decides its serviceability and durability. You can analyze the strength of the furniture piece by applying the pressure. If the furniture has low strength, it will surely creak, twist, or wobble otherwise it will show high stability on applying pressure. In addition, you can check the durability or stability of chairs or sofas by sitting on them.

Inspect The Materials

Inspect The Materials

Another important factor to consider is the inspection of crafting materials because a broad range of materials are utilized in crafting furniture items these days. The most popular materials are hardwoods, softwoods, laminate, composite materials, and particle boards. Each material has its specific strength, durability, and structural integrity. You should have some basic knowledge about each material’s durability and its origin.

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Judge The Construction

Judge The Construction

Besides material quality and strength, you should also judge the craftsmanship or way of construction of furniture pieces. Some carpenters prefer using the techniques of dovetails, tenon, or mortise in making joints of furniture while some use glue, nails, or staples to bind the pieces. The use of mortise, tenon, or dovetail techniques ultimately gives promising results as compared to these simple techniques.

Consider The Weight

Move Heavy Furniture

While judging the quality of bespoke furniture pieces, you should also consider the weight of framing and upholstery material. Because each material has its density and layers of compaction to describe the weight. Some woods like hardwoods exhibit more weight due to hardness and highly compact layers while some materials like particle boards have less weight. Always choose the furniture piece that has high density and weight.

Check Cushioning

Check Cushioning

While analyzing the quality of custom furniture, you should also observe the quality of cushioning material. Because most of the furniture pieces are covered with foam, down-wrapped, or down cushioning. Always prefer the down and down-wrapped cushioning material due to their high strength, density, and long-lasting results. In addition, high-density material also ensures maximum comfort due to its extra softness.

Analyze Fabric Quality

Analyze Fabric Quality

Before ordering the custom furniture, you should also get complete satisfaction with fabric quality. Several furniture upholstery fabrics are available such as cotton, linen, leather, crypton, wool, polyester, or sunbrella. Always choose natural and durable materials instead of decorative fabrics for long-lasting performance. Furthermore, each fabric has also its blended form with other synthetic fabrics, so be careful in choosing fabric.

Review Tag Instructions

Review Tag Instructions

If you want to uncover the complete details about crafted furniture pieces, you can review the instructions given on the attached tag. The tag contains all information about manufacturing time, materials, crafting style, warranty options, terms, and conditions. For cushions or pillows, exploring the tag is somewhat easy and fruitful because it provides complete information about cushioning and upholstery material.

Machine/ Hand-Made

Machine Hand-Made

Another discussion in choosing tailor-made furniture is crafting with machines or hands. Hand-made furniture is preferable over machine-made furniture items due to its precise finishing, unique craftsmanship, and featured look. Machine-made furniture items are produced in bulk quantities and lack some preferable aspects such as durability when compared to handmade furniture.

Price/Quality Analysis

Price Quality Analysis

The final factor to consider in judging the quality of custom-made furniture is price/quality analysis. You should have enough experience to compare the price with quality. Because some carpenters and manufacturers demand higher prices as compared to product quality. They install and use low-quality and less durable materials but ask for high rates that should be denied by buyers.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Ordering Custom Furniture

Ordering Custom Furniture

Some common mistakes should be avoided while ordering custom furniture. We have tried our best to uncover all these mistakes in simple understandable points.

  • Selecting an unprofessional carpenter or vendor will be hilarious for this project of custom furniture. Always choose a person who has broad experience in crafting tailoring furniture.
  • Some buyers prefer furniture appearance over its functionality but you should avoid this. Customization always demands more functional aspects besides aesthetic value.
  • Messing up the area and furniture measurements is another mistake that never gives the expected results. Triple-check all the dimensions and measurements of furniture with precise tools and techniques.
  • The manufacturing of custom-made furniture requires a sufficient time but some buyers force the carpenters to complete their order as soon as possible. Always give proper time to the manufacturer for satisfactory results. 

Final Words!

To conclude this article, we can say that judging the quality of custom made furniture requires technical knowledge about multiple aspects. Customized Furniture Dubai has enlisted all these factors for buyers’ better experience and deep analysis. By reviewing all these aspects or considerations, you will surely get the best quality custom furniture with a little effort. Furthermore, we have also manifested some common mistakes that are in the practice of buyers while hiring carpenters for custom furniture.

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