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Customized Furniture Dubai is the leading one-stop shop, stocking different styles and material options for personalized foams. These highly stable and smooth appearance customized mattress Dubai will look aesthetically pleasing and serve as purposeful additions.

You can get extraordinary posture support while sleeping.
They’ll improve the level of efficiency, adding notable warmth.
The cost of custom mattress online treatment is very reasonable.
Comfortable Orthopaedic Foam
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Professional Staff

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Years of Experience

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Deluxe Bed Mattress
Cotton Quilted Waterproof Mattress

Explore The Types Of Mattresses Available For Personalized Treatments

As the trustworthy online shop for bed foams in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we provide you with vast options for these soft furnishing selections.

This type of our bedroom furniture are made from different materials including latex, wool, polyethylene, cotton, silk, and innerspring. You can get them in terms of filling and styling aspects as well.

Infill Materials
Infill Materials

For filling, you can pick natural cotton, wool, rubber crumbs, and latex materials to ensure excellent cushioning and unparalleled comfort.

Distinct Styles
Distinct Styles

You can either select foams for single or double beds, king or queen-size beds, and kids’ bunk beds.

Our Eye-catching Gallery

Behrens Full Triple Layer Mattress
Night Therapy Spring Mattress
Sleepsoft Mattress
Protector Anti Slip Waterproof Mattress
Stretch Jersey Fitted Mattress
100% Cotton Plush Soft Mattress
Quilted Waterproof Mattress
Flat Mattress

What Benefits Do Our Custom Foam Mattresses Offer?

To restore comfort and improve sleep schedules, you can order custom-size mattresses online. Our soft bed furnishings i.e wood headboards, wood wardrobes are an excellent retreat for your spaces with enhanced serviceability, health improvement, and ideal ornamentations. Get to know the extraordinary features that will come along with these soft accessories.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Our customized mattress Dubai make you feel less stressed and fatigued, naturally, letting you sleep and get up fresh.

Fewer Allergies
Fewer Allergies

Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, they won’t cause any allergies to the users.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid
Star Spring Mattress

Experience Comfortable Sleep With Our Customized Mattress in Dubai

Looking for custom-made mattress services near me? You are at the right place because we’ve got you a diverse range of soft furnishings to align with your practical needs and health concerns.

Made from different types of natural /synthetic, soft, and durable materials, our sustainable bed furnishings are the ideal solution for spinal alignment, pain prevention, and stress relief.

You can take a restful nap and peaceful sleep during any hour of the day and night on our super comfy mattresses. Our medicated foams not only offer adequate sleep but also boost your immune system. With increased productivity and energy efficiency, our soft furnishings are the most purposeful addition to your bedrooms.

Rhapsody Divan Base Mattress

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Luxury Night Therapy

We Deliver The Best Custom Bed Mattress At 20% OFF

Being the leading customized mattress supplier, we provide you with heavy-duty yet comfortable foams made from super-resilient materials to provide you with a comfortable space to sleep over. For each bed style, we facilitate your customization facility from every aspect.

Consultation Availability
Ideal Personalizations

You can select the material, shape, size, style, upholstery, and even covering fabric for your tailored foams.

Reasonable Pricing
Reasonable Pricing

No matter what size and style you pick, we show flexibility in terms of pricing, offering featured discounts to clients.

Why Choose Us For Customized Mattress?

Customized Furniture Dubai is a client-centric firm that supplies high-performance yet extremely soft foams for your beds. To improve the level of comfort and quality sleep, we provide you with bespoke solutions for these soft furnishing elements. Our customized mattress Dubai align with any bed style ideally.

Free Sampling

You can review the samples to check each furnishing style, thickness, and size for your beds.

Price Quotations

For any foam type and style, you can ask for the price estimates and get a quick response.

Guaranteed Quality

Our premium quality tailor-made bed furnishings stand up well against daily wear & tear.

Beautiful Rest Mattress

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Frequently Asked Questions

These soft furnishings are made from different types of foam and spring materials, varying in quality and performance. However, for a stable appearance and restful sleep, it is advised to change a piece after 7-8 years depending on their current condition.

Well, the price for each material, size, and shape differs from each other whether it’s personalized or already built.

For your selected size, shape, and material, you can request an instant price quotation from our experts and get accurate details.

Depending on the body type or weight and sleeping posture or pressure, you can validate the right firmness level for your furnishings.

Considering these aspects, you can select an ultra-soft or stable one for your bed, ensuring it will provide the right sleeping posture.

Bespoke essentials are considered expensive because they are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of users without any compromise on quality and longevity. So, compared to pre-made, their costs are higher.

The modifications of foam can be done only in terms of size after they are once personalized.

To align with your single bed or incorporate them on any floor, you can cut them to size for the right adjustments. After you cut, you have to stitch the covering fabric again to not damage it.

Classic Gel Memory Foam