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Looking for some suitable rugs with trendy patterns and a comfortable feel? Our shag rugs are weaved to add under-foot comfort and stay longer than expected.

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Affordable Shaggy Rugs

Beautify Your Interiors With Our #1 Shaggy Rugs  

Decorate your residential or commercial floors with our shaggy rugs Dubai designed using wool, polyester, real fur, leather, and acrylic.

Versatile Designs

Select from spiral, dotted, geometric, floral, bordered, lined, embossed, mixed, and textured styles.

Improved Aesthetics

Our inspirational designs will elevate the decor and add an interesting visual impression to any space.

Reasonable Pricing

Despite the low cost of shaggy rugs, we ensure that our quality pieces will be long-lasting additions.

Shop By Shag Rug Materials

Discover the versatility of our fluffy floor accessories that are manufactured using different types of materials.

Flokati And Sheepskin

Flokati And Sheepskin 

Natural woven wool is used to make these floor essentials, offering warmth and coziness.

Felt Wool Shag Rug

Felt Wool Shag Rug 

Made from genuine or matted, condensed, and pressed wool materials, offering durability.

Real Fur Or Leather

Real Fur Or Leather 

Real fur or genuine leather is also used to craft these coverings, presenting distinct appeal.

Polyester & Polypropylene


The usage of these synthetic materials makes them the best to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Shaggy Rugs

We Affordably Customize Shaggy Rugs Per Your Instructions

Make your surroundings presentable by placing our ideally customized shaggy rugs in your interiors. You can get your floor coverings personalized:

  • To sync with your space’s setting and the rest of the scheme, pick the desired color.
  • Considering the furnishing elements, you can choose between simple or patterned.
  • Pick the desired shape from round, square, oval, rectangular, and asymmetrical.
  • Select the low, medium, and plush pile heights considering the space’s foot traffic.
Shaggy Rugs in Dubai

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Benefits Of Having Our Large Shaggy Rugs In Dubai

Restyle your spaces with our shag area rugs that add a touch of sophistication and bring ultimate comfort.

Our soft floor coverings provide you with various benefits that are summarized below:

Advantageous Features 

Extremely Soft And Fluffy

Offer Room Insulation

Reduce Foot Stress

Environment-Friendly Option

Versatile Design Choices

Offer High Durability

Eliminate Footstep Noise

Best Shaggy Rugs

Why Choose Us?

Customized Furniture Dubai is the most trusted online platform to provide you with highly durable, luxury, and soft shaggy rugs Dubai to create the most pleasant surroundings.

Premium Quality

Quality Assurance

Our rug crafting process involves the usage of premium-quality materials, adding to its longevity.

Free Samples

Free Sampling

You can view many samples for design and quality check to get the best piece for interior decor.

Our Proven Success




Projects Completed


Projects Completed

Happy Clients


Happy Clients

View Our Latest Rug Designs!

Check out our inspiring collection with low to high-pile shag rugs, featuring Flokati, sheepskin, and other synthetic materials in construction.

Elegant Shaggy Rugs
Luxury Shaggy Rugs
Finest Shaggy Rugs
First Class Shaggy Rugs
Luxury Shaggy Rugs Dubai

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

The construction of these soft rugs involves different types of natural and synthetic materials like wool, faux and real fur, leather, and acrylic. Also, you can find these floor coverings with polyester and polypropylene materials and blends of different materials.

These plush rugs are good for kids but not for pets as their claws can entangle in their fibers. However, you can select from the low pile heights for these floor accessories, so that, unsightly threads cannot be pulled by your pets at home.

When cleaning these fluffy rugs, you have to be careful of the fibers shedding, so, make sure to give it a good shake before vacuuming to remove all the settled surface dust and pet hairs.

Additionally, use a vacuum with a brush attachment and adjustable suction power to clean them.

Yes! As the manufacturing involves the use of wool, real fur, and leather materials, these coverings are an environment-friendly addition to any place.

These floor accessories are ideal picks for individuals sensitive to allergies.

The longevity period for these floor coverings is entirely dependent on the maintenance routines, ultimate care, and area it is being placed.

With proper aftercare, it can last for more than 6-8 years in a busy household.

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