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Spice Up Your Outdoor Decors With Outdoor Cushions in Dubai

Customized Furniture Dubai brings you the perfect elements to complete and complement your residential exteriors, which are Outdoor Cushions Dubai, designed to offer extraordinary comfort.

Our classy outdoor cushions Abu Dhabi provide endless coziness, give an attractive finishing touch to all the furnishing and remain serviceable for extensive time spans.

You can shop for these plush cushions and pillows in a range of mind-blowing designs at our platform and add the much-needed charm to your outdoors.

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Chaise Lounge Cushions

We Stock The Finest Outdoor Waterproof Cushions 

Our outdoor floor cushions and patio cushions are a great and classic idea to adorn any and every decor and/or seating setup of yours. These cushions for Outdoor Furniture eliminate all the discomfort and are equally excellent and purposeful for every space.

high quality crafting
High quality Crafting

Our cushions and pillows feature premium build quality and are one of the best decor investments that will serve you for long.

eye-catching designs
Eye-catching Designs

These cushions come in endless designs, patterns, colors and prints, and you can also get them customized as per your preferences

Our Latest Cushion Collection 

MIULEE Decorative Outdoor Cushions
Outdoor Wicker Rocker Cushions
Round Cushions
Fermob Outdoor Cushion
Waterproof Outdoor Cushions
Sunbrella Indoor/ Outdoor Corded Pillows
Fancy Outdoor Cushion
Luxury Cushion Set

Explore Our Trendsetting Outdoor Chair Cushion Ranges

We have the most versatile collections of outdoor cushions Dubai, ideally suitable for every decor theme. You can also get patio cushions, outdoor seat cushions and outdoor floor cushions from us. They are available in various shapes and sizes as well.

extensive seating
Extensive Seating

With our floor and patio cushions and pillows, you can maximize the seating area and get rid of space problems

Resilient profiles
Resilient Profiles

Our cushions are not just completely waterproof but also resistant against UV damage, atmospheric/moisture impact, mold and mildew growth

Cushions and L Shaped Sofa

Adorn Your Outdoor Setups On A Budget With Best Outdoor Cushions Dubai 

The cost of outdoor cushions at our platform is completely affordable, even if you get plenty of design customizations. Moreover, these cushions are waterproof and weather-resistant, which is to say that they can be used year-round and for extensive periods of time, hence giving you a reasonable value for your money.

You can create cozy, warm, energy-efficient and inviting spaces by investing in our outdoor floor cushions. Also, they can save you from spending on excessive furnishing as you can do the trick with just a couple of classy cushions and pillows. Request a free quote for getting the best cushion deals today!

Outdoor Custom Cushions

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Customized Furniture Dubai is the top-tier Outdoor Cushions supplier offering chic and heavy-duty cushions for adding maximum convenience to your life outdoors. Our patio and outdoor cushions Dubai are trendsetting in the entire UAE, helping you make the most out of your exterior spaces.

Every cushion type and style available at our platform is easy to clean and care for.
You can also leave these cushions outdoors as they won’t get defiled or discolored.
We provide the most unique customizations to help you design your desired comfort zones.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Our exterior Dubai cushions are designed to offer maximum comfort and maximize seating area as well. In addition to floor cushions, you can also get cushions for all sorts of outdoor furniture from us such as outdoor chair and seat cushions.

Yes, our exterior cushions are completely waterproof and tough against other forms of damage as well, hence excellent for all usage conditions. Since these cushions don’t get damaged by moisture, there’s no mold or mildew development either.

Our cushions for outdoor furniture are generally made from solution-dyed Acrylic, Cotton Duck Canvas, Textilene, PVC, Sunbrella and solution-dyed Olefin.

Besides, we treat them with various stain and UV resistant treatments for added performance.

If taken good care of, you can expect our outdoor floor and patio cushions to last for more than a decade, that too, without any damage to the profile and luster.

Adequate storage and careful usage are also equally important for extensive life span.

For everyday upkeep, you can dust or vacuum clean the cushions with an upholstery attachment. Additionally, any commercial cushion cleaners can be used as well.

You can also consider a DIY cleaner made with Vinegar and warm water with a few drops of your desired essential oil for cleaning your outdoor cushions.

Best Outdoor Cushions