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We, as a leading supplier in UAE, bring you a trendsetting range of stair runners and carpets to make your stairs more comfy, cozy, stable, and attractive than before.

Grey Carpet for Stairs
Sisal Stair Carpet

Top Carpet Patterns We Offer For Stairs

Our store has the widest collection of luxurious stair carpet Dubai to cater well to every preference and need.

Minimalist Options

We provide neutral-colored carpets that make staircases appear spacious, welcoming, and cozy.

Striped Patterns

Our striped and lined sisal carpets will bring visual interest and depth to your interiors.

Flat Weave Designs

We have the most heavy-duty carpets for staircases that receive a lot of foot traffic

Hire Us For The Finest Stair Carpet Installation Services

Old Covering Removal

Old Covering Removal 

You can hire us for trouble-free removals of old staircase coverings.

Stair Damage Repair

Stair Damage Repair 

We also fix all damaged treads of indoor and outdoor stairs.

New Carpet Fitting

New Carpet Fitting 

We install huge staircase carpets using effective methods, ensuring longevity.

Custom Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches 

You can get the carpet design fully personalized to your liking from us.

Get Your Desired Stair Runners Customized By Us

Need to personalize your staircase covering? We’ve got you with our best custom carpets.

  • Synthetic Fibers: Our synthetic stair carpet Dubai are low-maintenance, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly, and excellent for busy areas.
  • Natural Materials: Our plush and natural carpets made from wool, cotton, and silk provide mind-blowing comfort and warmth, with anti-slip properties.
  • Custom Designs: Get your favorite color palettes, prints, and patterns custom-designed by us, and enjoy giving a personal touch to your place’s decor.
Custom Stair Runners

Staircase Runners

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Carpet Treads Wood Stairs

Why Treat Your Stairs With Our Carpets?

“Our carpets will make your stairs extraordinarily comfortable!”

At our shop, you can get both full and partially-covered carpets for stairs and give them a new and inviting look instantly. This does lead to improved property value.

Featured Benefits 

Improved traction for maximum safety while climbing stairs.

Effective noise dampening for added comfort in the whole area.

Ease of cleaning and maintaining stairs, especially unreachable parts.

Greater insulation for reduced energy expenses.

Instant beautification of dull, damaged, and unsightly staircases.

Patterened Carpet Runners

Why Choose Us?

At Customized Furniture Dubai, you can be sure about getting the best interior improvement services and the kind of excellence that will never stop benefiting you.

Doorstep Sampling Services

Doorstep Sampling Services

Need to evaluate the build quality? Our experts will deliver free samples of stair carpet Dubai to your place.

Free Area Measurements

Free Area Measurements

Worried about getting the carpeting right? Hire us for precise staircase measurements and helpful suggestions.

Our Success Stories




Projects Completed


Projects Completed

Happy Clients


Happy Clients

Trendy Stair Runners 2024

Here are some of our best-seller carpets for home and workspace staircases. You can reach out to us to acquire any additional info.

Tuftex Batique Cathedral Stair Runner
Stair Carpet Runner
Deco Black Stair Runners
Long Cream Border Stair Carpet
Wool Loop Stair Runners

Recent Reviews 

Following is a glimpse of the excellence of our carpeting amenities. Do have a look to ensure satisfaction when you choose us.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Some of the best options in this regard are Wool, Polypropylene, Nylon, low-pile Polyester, and carpets made of wool and nylon blends. All these materials are durable, heavy-duty, low-maintenance, and capable of withstanding constant and high foot traffic without damage.

Yes, stair carpeting can be installed on top of an existing flooring but a few factors need to be taken into account. The flooring surface must be free from debris, residues, and adhesives, perfectly dry, and must not have any imperfections either, to get the best results.

Carpets on stairs usually last up to 7 to 10 years and can stay longer than that with the right kind and amount of maintenance.

Other than that, precise installation also has an impact on the longevity of the carpet, meaning you should always get the carpeting installed by professionals.

Carpets made from synthetic materials are highly economical and they also offer a good performance.

In this regard, you can choose Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, and Polyethylene fiber carpets which are stain-resistant, durable, heavy-duty, and easy to clean as well

Of course, installing stair carpets is a highly effective approach to lessening noises in multi-level or busy homes.

A good quality carpeting with thick and high-quality padding can offer sound dampening up to 35 dB which can be really helpful in making the whole area comfortable.

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