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Customized Furniture Dubai has come up with a marvelous range of Outdoor Furniture Dubai for the ideal exterior decor creations. We provide the most luxurious, attractive, damage-resistant and durable furniture options for every outdoor area. Our furnishing treatments will create the perfect extension of your living spaces.

  • We provide completely weather-resistant and highly long-lasting furniture which can be used year-round and is incredibly cost-effective.
  • Our furniture items will provide you with maximum comfort and coziness outdoors, enhancing your recreational times.
  • You can get complete furniture sets for every spot from us such as outdoor chairs, tables, sofas, lounging furniture and a range of other classy pieces.
Outdoor Furniture
Quality Outdoor Furniture
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Explore The Versatility Of Our Luxury Furniture For Outdoors 

We have the most perfect and ideally suitable pieces available for every need and preference. From seating furniture to customized pieces, we stock every element you require to create your dream exterior decor.

Our furnishing will help improve the beauty, ambience, comfort, usefulness and luxury of all your outdoor areas. Besides, you can get all kinds of specialized custom-made furnishing pieces from us for added benefits.

Outdoor Chairs And Sofas
Outdoor Chairs And Sofas

We provide luxurious, heavy-duty and comfy chairs, loungers, sofas and seaters for outdoors which will provide you with the ideal heavens outdoors.

Outdoor Luxury Tables
Outdoor Luxury Tables

Our multi-functional and flexible tables will provide you with an attractive and accessible spot for placing drinks, food, books and decorative stuff

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We Provide Quick And Efficient Furniture Delivery And Assembling

With us, you can enjoy quick, complete, effortless and efficient furniture additions in no time. We provide placement, assembling and on-site designing services for patio, deck, gazebo, custom pergola, swimming pool surround, garden, balcony and terrace furniture. You can get various outdoor furniture Dubai styling and enhancing services from us as well.

Resilient And Durable Finishing
Resilient And Durable Finishing

All our outdoor furniture items feature high-quality, waterproof, UV-resistant, mold resistant and long-lastings stains, sealants and protective treatments for long-term serviceability

Low-Maintenance And Comfy Upholstery
Low-Maintenance And Comfy Upholstery

We cover and enhance our Outdoor Furniture with the finest, softest, most heavy-duty and easy to clean upholstery fabrics

Outdoor Furniture in Dubai
Stunning Outdoor Furniture

We Provide Exclusive Customization Services For Outdoor Area Furnishing

Customized Furniture Dubai will be your trustworthy partner in the journey of best home furnishing. In addition to unique and cost-effective furniture items, we offer a range of design, materials, shape, color, style and finish customizations for all furniture pieces.

You can also get customized upholstery fabrics from us for the perfect personalized look. Whether you want to create a luxurious lounging setup or are looking for creative ways to extend your living space, our experts have got you regarding every need and desire.

Our custom outdoor chairs, custom outdoor sofas and custom outdoor tables are some of the best recommendations for spacious and welcoming outdoor seating setups. Additionally, you can also get traditional furniture pieces for decorating your outdoors.

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Why Choose Us?

Customized Furniture Dubai is the best platform to get cost-effective furnishing services for indoors and outdoors. We stock the trendiest and most unique styles of outdoor furniture Dubai, ideal for every taste and space.

Our outdoor area furniture will provide you with health benefits, peace of mind, improved decor, memorable recreational and gathering times and better curb appeal.

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

All our exterior luxury furniture items feature the finest build quality and are highly durable and value-for-money

Space Efficiency
Space Efficiency

We provide the most flexible and well-suited customized furnishing items to help you benefit from every space

All-year Favorable Seating
All-year Favorable Seating

With our outdoor patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture, you can enjoy every season and recreational activity

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly used materials for exterior furnishing are wood, plastic, metal, resin wicker, concrete and aluminum. Furniture items made from these materials are sturdy, durable, tough against atmospheric conditions and look beautiful as well.

As per regular maintenance, you should dust and wipe clean your outdoor area furniture. Soapy water and a soft sponge or brush can be used for a deeper cleaning once in a while. Moreover, you can invest in protective sealants to prevent rusting, warping and discoloration.

You can leave our Outdoor Furniture Dubai outside, however a safe approach is to have them covered during extreme weather or other damaging conditions. Besides, storing your furniture properly when it’s not in use is an effective way to prolong its life and beauty.

Yes, there are many eco-friendly furniture options available at our store for outdoors. These include Sustainable Wood, Recycled Plastic, Teak, Bamboo and Rattan furniture items which are completely natural, heavy-duty and can last for longer periods of time.

Yes, we provide all kinds of material, design, shape, size and style customizations for outdoor area furniture. You can also get customized storage items, upholstery treatments, cushions and personalized furniture accessorizing from us for a unique and outstanding look.

Of course. At Customized Furniture Dubai you can find a range of space-efficient, multifunctional and useful furnishing options for smaller areas. With this unique furniture, you can benefit from every inch of you outdoors and also get various extra storage spaces.

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