Terms And Conditions

Customized Furniture Dubai is a top-notch interior design company that provides effective interior design services for the visual and worthwhile enhancement of your residential and commercial spaces. To maintain our brand image and ensure professional and streamlined work, we go beyond certain rules and regulations to offer our high-end products and services.

Our company ensures the most smooth and efficient dealing process by following certain protocols and guidelines. The specified terms and conditions by the company allocate both user and company authorities the contractual rights regarding both products and amenities.

About Our Products And Services

We are more than glad to serve you with our glamorous selection of all kinds of interior design and furnishing elements. From our all-exclusive stores, you can shop for every kind of essential including furniture and upholstery materials, wall panels to wallpapers, and other renovation treatments.

Each of the elements is exclusively and meticulously made using heavy-duty and sustainable materials for long-lasting serviceability. We reserve all the copyrights for our premium quality products, ensuring the guarantees and warranties. When shopping, you can review all the graphical images through our product catalog. The images are the legit proof of our successfully accomplished projects.

Material Composition Of Our High-End Products

Our platform rightfully reserves all the copyrights and claims to provide high-quality products made with the excellent craftsmanship of dozens of skillful weavers. Here are the details about our products that you must acknowledge before shopping.

  • We stock a variety of materials, layouts, and colors for every product.
  • Our company utilizes sustainably sourced materials for every item.
  • You can order custom and pre-made items online as per your bespoke statement.
  • The delivered product will be the exact version as shown in the graphical images.
  • However, the light effect can result in the slightest variation of the product’s color tone.
  • We call you to get the detailed specifications for a custom-made product.
  • For the order confirmation, we e-mail you for your approval for the customized item.
  • You are allowed to request alterations before the beginning of the crafting process.

The Accuracy And Precision Of Manufactured Products

We provide you with a one-of-a-kind customization treatment for every kind of product. For the custom-tailored product, there are certain rules and regulations specified.

  • Our company proceeds with official visits to the site for analysis purposes.
  • We ensure integrity and flawlessness, taking every detail of custom products into account.
  • We always confirm your choices and seek your approval for professional dealings.
  • Also, you can give us your unique idea or sample for customizing your product.
  • You cannot expect modification services for the item delivered to your doorstep.

Our Servicing Manner For Order Processing

To make contact, we allocate you with different communication means through which you can book your order and get detailed information regarding our products and services.

Visit Our Website

Book an appointment online with our company to discuss your requirements and concerns.

Call On Telephone

For efficient booking, you can reach out to us through phone calls and book your deal instantly.

Contact Through WhatsApp

The product specifications can be shared on WhatsApp with each and every detail mentioned.

Call For Approval From Clients

After order placement, we’ll reach out to you shortly for the confirmation of the order. We double-check all the details and ask for your approval for further proceedings. The checking of details helps eliminate conflicts and the provision of misleading information.

Terms For Order Cancellation

For order cancellation purposes, the company binds certain restrictions that need to be applied in order to achieve the desired yet better outcomes. These general terms are as follows:

  • When there’s a manufacturing defect on our end, the rule for order cancellation will be applicable.
  • You can’t hold us accountable if there’s an issue of misleading information from clients.
  • Clients are allowed to terminate their order within 2-3 days of working hours.
  • After exceeding of time limit, the company doesn’t regard your request to cancel the order.
  • Notify us with a detailed description and video or image of the defect to get an order termination facility.

General Conditions For Product Return And Refund

While following the company’s rules and regulations, we provide you with the facility of return for the purchased orders.

  • We go for the product return if the item was swapped or not designed according to the user statement.
  • You can avail refund or return if there’s a manufacturing defect on our side.
  • For return purposes, we’ll ask for the issue specifications with a detailed picture or image.
  • The purchased item must be returned in the same condition as the shopping slip.
  • The company will refund you through any payment method after receiving the order.

Available Payment Means

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery


As per the specified protocols and terms, the company possesses the right to cancel the order when a user doesn’t meet our terms and regulations. When approaching us for shopping, you must go through our generally stated rules. To know more details, you can reach out to us anytime.