Privacy Policy

Customized Furniture Dubai is a client-centric brand that provides streamlined interior design services. We aim to deliver hassle-free services, ensuring the best security practices for a sustainable relationship between the user and the company. In this regard, our foremost concern is ensuring the high-end level of confidentiality of the user information. We promote client-oriented business by ensuring smooth data protection practices.

According to the privacy terms of our company, we are obliged to not allow any third party to access your confidential details. We follow the best security algorithms to secure your access limit from any third-party resource. Our firm makes the best security measures, following the Data Protection Act to maintain the confidentiality of the user.

Before you avail of our high-end services, make sure to acknowledge yourself with the pre-defined privacy agreement for a free-of-conflict shopping experience. Let’s delve into the details of our privacy terms.

Confidentiality Of All Site Users And Guests

We are obliged to maintain the secrecy of details for every kind of user whether organic or guest. Go through the details of rules and conditions specified by our company for keeping user information private in the best way possible.

  • We go behind the Data Protection Act to restrict the access of third parties.
  • Our representatives will ask only for the mandatory details for legal proceedings.
  • A third user cannot reach out to your personal details without your permission.
  • You can request personalized access to your specified details for alteration purposes.
  • We won’t send any regular or promotional e-mails without prior notice or permission.
  • For the safety of your information, we proceed with the data encryption law.
  • To keep your data confidential or private at its best, we get assistance from tools and software.

Mandatory Information We Collect From Customers

For the delivery of your requested order, we will need to ask for the essential details. With your permission, we ask for the essential facts and figures:

  • Client’s Name
  • Current Address
  • Contact Details
  • Valid Email Address
  • Credit/Debit Card Info.

Non-Disclosure Of Customer’s Private Details

We promise to provide you with the complete security and secrecy of requisite information from every kind of third-party user. In case of any unauthorized sneaking, we take immediate action with the legal proceedings. For the best work practice and service flow, we keep a track record of each user private by all means. From technical to physical, and potential to formal, we take every kind of measure regarding the protection of the user’s data.

Company’s Legal Procedures And Security Practices

Our firm renew the legal security guidelines and following them, we are bound to not ask for private user details until they allow. We request clients provide us with the updated information to avoid any unnecessary delays and conflicts during the time of order delivery.

For your concerns and convenience, you can go through the duplicate information file delivered to your e-mail address. After checking details or noticing any issue, you can notify us and we’ll immediately rectify your problem. We ask for your permission when sending your details out of the region.

Alteration In Privacy Law Or Security Procedures

Over time, the privacy statement of the user needed to be altered to ensure the best security practices. For the most secure and better dealing between the user and the client’s representative team, we come up with up-to-date privacy terms.

After the necessary modification, the privacy rules will be implemented and updated on our website to be practiced by the following parties. The terms and regulations regarding privacy policy will ensure confidentiality by all means. We send the legal notice or go with physical security action in case someone tries to reach your provided information.

Contact Our Team For Related Queries And Details

Regarding our privacy terms and conditions, we allow you the flexibility to contact us to collect any kind of information. Our privacy terms are specified particularly to avoid any unforeseen conditions and unnecessary delays shortly.